We all want our kids to eat healthy food, but how do you get them to try it? New York Times bestselling author Lisa Leake has a new book full of quick and easy recipes for real foods that she promises real kids will really eat.

The Doctors sample some recipes from Lisa’s book “100 Days of Real Food, Fast and Fabulous.” Lisa’s pancakes are nutrition-packed thanks to oats and applesauce. They’re naturally sweet without refined sugar, and if you use whole-wheat flour they’re 100 percent whole grain.

Next up are nuggets with a difference – they look like fast-food treats, but Lisa reveals that they’re actually based on cauliflower, with no frying and no fake ingredients. Lisa doesn’t believe in sneaking hidden “healthy” ingredients into kids’ food. “I don’t think it’s good to hide from them what they’re eating,” she says.

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Instead, she recommends using recipes for familiar foods with healthier ingredients to give kids a good first impression of a new food. Start with cauliflower “nuggets,” and down the road, they might give pasta with cauliflower a whirl.

It’s one thing to impress The Doctors, but what about the REAL critics? Six-year-old Marley, five-year-old Sophia, and five-year-old James are ready to taste-test these healthy dishes.

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James pronounces the flapjacks “the deliciousest pancakes I ever tried in my whole entire life.” Sophia and Marley like them too!

They also enjoy the nuggets – so much that when the secret ingredient is revealed to be cauliflower, Marley can hardly believe it. “WHAT!?” he says. “Now I kinda like cauliflower!” adds James.

Get Lisa’s recipes, here!