Heaven or hospital? 5-year-old girl to decide

OREGON — An Oregon family says they will honor their 5-year-old daughter’s dying wish to go to heaven instead of back to the hospital if she gets sick again.

Michelle Moon, her mother, revealed the family’s plan on her blog sparking a heated debate. Can a 5-year-old make that kind of life or death decision?

Five-year-old Julianna Snow has an incurable neuromuscular disease. She can’t move, she has a difficult time eating and must wear a breathing mask at all times. Doctors say at this time, a minor cold could kill her.

Moon says she explained to her daughter that if she stays home next time she is sick she will go to heaven, but that she will have to go alone.

She says her daughter made it clear she does not want to go back to the hospital, and says the little girl has shown adequate knowledge of what death is.