Is marriage a prescription for happiness? A new poll says yes

Is marriage a prescription for happiness? A new poll says yes

Marriage has always been a topic of debate when it comes to happiness. Some argue that it is a lifelong commitment that brings joy and fulfillment, while others believe that it can lead to stress and unhappiness. However, a recent poll conducted by XYZ Research Institute suggests that marriage indeed acts as a prescription for happiness.

The findings of the poll

The poll surveyed over 1,000 married individuals across different age groups and demographics. The results revealed that a significant majority of respondents reported higher levels of happiness and life satisfaction after getting married.

Reasons behind the happiness

According to the poll, there are several reasons why marriage contributes to happiness:

  • Emotional support: Marriage provides a strong emotional support system, allowing individuals to share their joys and sorrows with a partner who understands and cares.
  • Companionship: Having a life partner means having someone to share experiences, hobbies, and everyday life with, which can greatly enhance happiness.
  • Stability: Marriage often brings stability in terms of financial security, a sense of belonging, and a shared future, which can lead to a greater sense of happiness and contentment.
  • Health benefits: Studies have shown that married individuals tend to have better physical and mental health, which can contribute to overall happiness.

Challenges and exceptions

While the poll suggests a positive correlation between marriage and happiness, it is important to acknowledge that every relationship is unique. There may be challenges and exceptions where marriage does not necessarily guarantee happiness. Factors such as compatibility, communication, and individual circumstances can influence the outcome.


Based on the findings of this poll, it can be concluded that marriage can act as a prescription for happiness for many individuals. However, it is crucial to approach marriage with realistic expectations and work towards building a strong and healthy relationship to maximize the potential for happiness.