Lawmaker Seeks To Ban Perfume

A New Hampshire authority is respirating new life into a offer to demarcate state employees from wearing redolence and other fragrances to work.

State Rep. Charles Townsend (D-Canaan) has reintroduced legislation exclusive state employees who have hit with members of a open from wearing fragrances during a workday. A identical check died in a state House of Representatives progressing this year, following discussions over either it was inherent for a state to umpire employees’ incense choices.

Townsend pronounced he considers a matter a open health issue. “There are adequate people who are unequivocally allergic to adequate fragrances,” he told The Huffington Post. “It creates it formidable to revisit state offices.”

He combined that while his check usually covers a apportionment of a state workforce, he would like to see it stretched to anathema all state employees from wearing redolence and cologne to a office. Townsend pronounced his sister-in-law was forced to find a send from a pursuit once since a coworker’s redolence choice was creation her ill.

Rep. Michele Peckham (R-North Hampton) pushed a incense anathema check progressing this year, though it was killed following a disastrous recommendation by a House Constitutional Review and Statutory Recodification Committee. Peckham pronounced that while some people might have noticed a emanate as “silly,” she believed fragrances acted a legitimate health concern.

“Many people have aroused reactions to clever scents,” Peckham told The Union-Leader during a time.

Rep. Christopher Serlin (D-Portsmouth), a member of a inherent examination panel, told HuffPost that cabinet members had voiced dual vital concerns with a legislation. The initial concerned either a enterprise to wear a incense to work was a matter of personal freedom, while a second associated to other scented products.

Serlin pronounced cabinet members argued that if a law started banning employees from wearing redolence and cologne, it could be stretched to demarcate scented detergent, fabric softener and deodorant.

“We felt it was technically unfit to administer,” Serlin told HuffPost. “It non-stop a doorway to a lot of things that would get disorderly quickly.”

The emanate of incense in a workplace is not singular to New Hampshire. Government agencies and private employers in a United States and Canada have imposed identical bans, including a city of Detroit, a U.S. Census Bureau and a Challenge Charter School in Glendale, Ariz.

Townsend pronounced that he believes a legislation stands a improved shot of flitting subsequent year, adding that he skeleton to start a debate to teach legislators on a issue. He pronounced a House’s change from Republican to Democratic control might help.

But Serlin pronounced that while Democrats might be some-more supportive to a need of a incense anathema than Republicans, who might perspective it as an nonessential regulation, he questions either a new infancy will be enough.

“In a end, we can’t see it passing,” he said.

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