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Nutritionist offers innumerable methods to assistance people eat during cancer treatment


Ernestine Trujillo, MS, RD, LD, plays an critical purpose in assisting people by their cancer treatment: she helps them to eat. Eating keeps their strength adult so that they can get by treatment. But eating during cancer diagnosis isn’t always easy. Trujillo, a Senior Clinical Nutritionist during a University of New Mexico Comprehensive Cancer Center, offers innumerable methods to assistance people get a nourishment they need.

“The proceed we like to proceed it is to demeanour during food as critical as medication,” Trujillo says. “We don’t take a remedy since it tastes good; we take it since we know we have to.” And food might not ambience good during all during cancer treatment. Some of a side effects of chemotherapy embody changes in ambience buds, bad appetite, revulsion and vomiting. Even H2O can ambience funny, creation dehydration a concern.

Losing weight during cancer diagnosis might seem like a benefit, though it’s not. “In many cases, this is not a time for weight loss,” Trujillo says. “The idea during diagnosis is to say weight, that is a plea for many patients.” The weight mislaid during cancer diagnosis customarily formula from a physique losing protein. Losing protein means losing gaunt flesh and that detracts from altogether health.

Running down physique fat stores also presents problems. “We unequivocally wish to reserve that mass (especially gaunt physique mass) to make certain a studious has a continuation to get all a proceed by to a finish of treatment,” Trujillo says. She adds that people should try to remove weight, if they need to, after treatment.

Trujillo focuses her dietary recommendation on what any chairman is peaceful and means to eat. But for some people, swallowing or gripping food down can turn quite formidable during cancer treatment. For these people, Trujillo recommends a feeding tube. “The beauty of tube feeding is that even if we are not means to eat, we can still yield nutrition,” she says. “When it comes to that point, it gives us a reserve net to assistance see a studious by a finish of their treatment.”

Cancer patients face other barriers to eating besides anticipating juicy food. Cancer puts a financial aria on many families. Getting to a grocery store can be a burden, too. And cooking can taxation a earthy stamina of cancer patients and their caregivers. “I tell patients: don’t demur to ask for help,” Trujillo says. “This is a time to ask.”

UNM Comprehensive Cancer Center