• Nine-month old Leyton died after choking on a small piece of plastic 
  • Despite desperate attempts by doctors, the baby’s life couldn’t be saved 
  • Parents Adam and Serena explained their decision to let a camera crew from Inside Birmingham Children’s Hospital follow them during the ordeal 
  • Couple say they wanted to  ‘raise awareness’ about choking

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A couple whose baby son died in a tragic choking accident have spoken out about why they let a television crew film the last days of his life.

Nine-month-old Leyton choked on a piece of plastic and despite being revived by doctors died in hospital days later. His parents, Adam and Serena, allowed Channel 4 programme Inside Birmingham Children’s Hospital to film his fight for life.

The heartbreaking episode, which aired last night, saw Leyton being taken to hospital after his father tried to revive him at home when his heart stopped beating following the choking incident.

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The heartbreaking moment the parents of Leyton, Adam and Serena, watch as doctors try and save the life of their nine-month-old son after his heart stopped breathing after a choking incident

The family allowed cameras to film their son’s battle for life for Channel 4’s Inside Birmingham Children’s Hospital

Tears: Viewers watching Inside Birmingham Children’s Hospital took to Twitter last night to say how the emotional episode had effected them

Adam and Serena explained in the highly emotive show why they chose to keep the cameras rolling on Leyton’s battle to stay alive, saying they wanted to pay tribute to their son and the staff at the hospital where he was treated.

They said: ‘All parents know the dangers of choking, but even when you think you’ve done all you can to protect your baby, accidents can always happen.

‘We both decided to share our story for a few different reasons.

‘In memory of our son who put up such a brave battle, to show people just how incredible the staff and facilities are at Birmingham Children’s Hospital and more than anything, if by watching this programme it makes parents even more aware of hazards, and saves just one little life and another family going through what we did and will continue to struggle with for the rest of our lives, then his life wasn’t in vain.’

Leyton stopped breathing after he accidentally swallowed a small piece of plastic and his father, who’d completed a first aid course, was forced to perform CPR when his son’s heart stopped. 

Following a conversation with a 999 operator, Adam carried out chest compressions while waiting for an ambulance. 

Doctor’s at the hospital managed to re-start Leyton’s heart and place him in an induced coma. 

After a series of tests, they tried to wake him two days later but the little boy failed to respond and an MRI scan showed abnormalities. He died three days later.

Leyton’s father performed CPR on his son at home after calling 999 before he was rushed to Birmingham Children’s Hospital

The dramatic footage shows Leyton being rushed through the hospital corridors after arriving by ambulance at Birmingham Children’s Hospital

Viewers watching the tragedy unfold on the Channel 4 show took to Twitter to say how much it had moved them. 

?@MsLillyRoberts wrote: ‘Last night I watched inside Birmingham children’s hospital! Quite possibly the saddest thing I’ve seen! That family are so strong!’ 

?@katielloyd96 added: ‘Wasn’t mentally prepared for that episode of Birmingham Children’s Hospital. Heart’s breaking for Leyton and his family.’

?@DeeClayton: ‘RIP little Leyton… Birmingham children’s hospital has completely broken me tonight.’

On being filmed by the television crew, Serena told the Birmingham Mail that the couple were approached after they arrived at the hospital. She reveals:

 ‘We didn’t expect to want to continue in the event of losing our beautiful boy. But once it became clear that Leyton wasn’t going to get any better, we both felt an overwhelming sense of wanting to do something to raise awareness.’

Mother Serena said she allowed cameras to film her son’s final days in a bid to raise awareness surrounding the hazards of choking in babies and young children

Tragic: The couple say they wanted the programme to be aired to pay tribute to their youngest son and highlight the fantastic care they received at the Midlands’ hospital

A kiss between ‘hero’ older brother Cooper, right, and his younger sibling Leyton

The episode also showed Leyton’s older brother Cooper being helped by staff in the hospital’s play therapy department while his parents waited for news on the condition of their youngest son.

During the programme, Serena explains her grief as an all-consuming ’emptiness’, saying: ‘It’s almost like you don’t feel like you. There’s that emptiness. It consumes your whole body. It’s a strange feeling.’

Serena kept a bedside vigil next to Leyton as he lay in a coma

Emptiness: Serena says the family have been forced to deal with the situation because ‘you have to’

She added that the family is stronger than ever and that Cooper has helped them to re-build their lives. 

‘If anybody was put in this situation you would just deal with it, you have to. We’ve got Cooper. He’s a hero, he’s saved us.’

‘Adam and I are stronger than ever. If we can survive this, we can survive anything.

‘I’ve lost the most precious thing you could lose but we still have life.’

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