The Latest Smartwatch Is MADE for Fitness Junkies

Remember when you had to choose between buying a smartwatch and a GPS running watch? As in…right now? Soon, you’ll be able to strap a device to your wrist that alerts you when you get texts and accurately tracks your mileage.

The Moto 360 Sport Edition is the latest Android Wear watch, and it’s made for fitness lovers. Motorola shared some info about the new product exclusively with

You Don’t Have to Run with Your SmartPhone to Use It
This is a big one. Currently, to get an accurate mileage count, you need to use smartwatches in conjunction with smartphones (some watches will estimate mileage based on your steps, but it’s just a rough ballpark). Since the Moto 360 Sports Edition watch has built-in GPS capabilities, you can track your pace, distance, and location without keeping your phone on you.

You Can Use It Even if You Have an iPhone
Before, you needed an Android phone to be able to use Android Wear. But Google just announced that the LG Watch Urbane and all future Android watches—including the Moto 360 Sport Edition—will work with iOS. Sweet!

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It’ll Play Music for You
The watch will be able to hold two to three gigabytes of music that you can listen to through a set of Bluetooth headphones.

It’s Built for Outdoor Workouts
The silicone body (which comes in three colors: white, black, and flame orange) is sweat-proof. And you can see the AnyLight hybrid display clearly even in bright sunlight.

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You Can Leave Your Keys at Home When You Go for a Run
If you’re willing to install a Kevo Smart Lock on your door, you can use the watch to unlock your house. Guys, this is serious sci-fi sh*t.

It’ll Work with Some of Your Go-To Fitness Apps
Motorola has announced that you’ll be able to use the Strava, Runtastic, and Under Armour Record apps on the watch. We asked about Nike+ Running and MapMyRun, too, but reps said they’ll share details on whether those will be compatible with the watch “at a later date.”

It’s Not Just for Running
The watch will also have an app called Moto Body that offers your basic fitness tracker functions—and more. “Using the most accurate heart rate sensors available for your wrist, Moto Body tracks physical activity—including tracking steps—and calories burned, along with food intake,” says Lally Narwal, director of product marketing for Motorola. “And it even offers personalized coaching advice to help you stay fit.”

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What We Still Don’t Know
So far, reps are keeping mum about when exactly the watch will be available (although they have said later this year), how much it will cost (Android Wear on the market currently ranges from $149-$349), and exactly which of the most popular apps out there will be available on it (as we mentioned above).  Trust us—we asked!