The Paradox of Trauma

A new investigate by Yuki Shigemoto during Texas Tech University and Senel Poyrazli during The Pennsylvania State University examined a propinquity between PTSD symptoms and posttraumatic growth. Two samples, 182 US and 163 Japanese college students, finished self-report measures of PTSD symptoms and posttraumatic growth.

In both samples aloft levels of PTSD symptoms were compared with posttraumatic growth. Further research suggested that it was a penetration symptoms rather than a deterrence or hyperarousal symptoms that were compared with posttraumatic growth.

Their commentary doubt a thought that intrusions are indispensably pathological. Certain forms of penetration may actually be beneficial.  As against to forward cognitive estimate characterized by repetitive, disastrous and neglected thoughts, counsel cognitive estimate refers to repetitive, eloquent throughts focused on a onslaught to meaning. 

The implications for a diagnosis of mishap are profound.

Traditionally therapists have attempted to assistance people absolved themselves of their forward thoughts though a idea that arises from this investigate is that rather than treating intrusions as symptoms of commotion infrequently it might be some-more profitable to assistance people to take control of their forward thoughts and drive them purposefully.


Shigemoto, Y., and Poyrazli, S. (2013). Factors associated to posttraumatic expansion in U.S. and Japanese college students. Psychological Trauma: Theory, Research, Practice and Policy, 5, 128-134.

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