The rise of ‘Tittooing’: Women desperate for perfect nipples are are having them TATTOOED on

  • Not content with perfectly shaped breasts, women now want nipples tattooed to add colour and definition
  • Procedure was originally used for patients who’d had reconstructions after breast cancer surgery
  • But medical experts warn that the procedure should only be carried out by a qualified medical tattooist

Rachel Reilly

09:41 EST, 17 April 2013


11:19 EST, 17 April 2013

First there were tattooed brows for striking eyes and then came vajazzles for sparkling nether regions.

And now the latest way to primp and perfect the female anatomy is tittooing for picture perfect nipples. 

The fashion for tittoos or semi-permanent nipple tattoos has taken Liverpool by storm after women have started to crave darker and better defined nipples.

Many women are self-conscious of the colour and shape of their nipples

Many women are self-conscious of the colour and shape of their nipples

The procedure was originally invented to make reconstructed breasts look more realistic – indeed 95 per cent of women who undergo mastectomies opt for the minor procedure – but now the mainstream beauty industry are making use of its aesthetic perks and claiming to give women ‘perfect’ nipples, according to a report by the Telegraph.

The tattoo, which lasts for around 12 to 18 months, takes on average two hours and costs around £1,200 for both nipples.

The procedure, known as areola restoration, is more painful for women who are trying to enhance their existing nipples than those who have had reconstructive surgery because the areola’s skin is more sensitive than the surrounding breast tissue.

Patients are given a small, local anaesthetic to numb the pain.

The nipple colour is blended from medical grade micropigments to compliment the woman’s existing skin colouring.

Gail Proudman, an independent clinician based in Merseyside told the newspaper: ‘Girls get them done so they can go topless and not be embarrassed, or when they’re in a changing room and getting changed.

Medical experts say the procedure must be perfomed by a medical tattooist

Medical experts say the procedure must be perfomed by a medical tattooist

‘They can go on holiday in front of their partners, go for massages, spray tans and just not be conscious of their body.’

Claire Jagger, 38, had her nipples tattooed after having breast surgery. She says it was the finishing touch after getting her breasts enhanced.

‘My nipples were quite fair in colour, no different from any ordinary girl, but I wanted to enhance them to make them darker. I wanted the shape to be perfect, and now I feel great because I have absolutely perfect nipples.’

Graham Offer, from the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, is keen to make women aware that it is essential they seek the services of a professional if they wish to get tittooed.

He said it was vital to get the procedure done by a proper medical tattooist than simply going to a regular local tattoo parlour.

He added that it was important for women to consider how their nipples might look in the long-term, because the breasts change in appearance over time.

‘The nipple-areola complex will change with pregnancy, so people need to think about their future,’ he said.

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Mary B

Avon, United Kingdom,
17/4/2013 19:04

I clicked on this article for pictures ! What a let down…


17/4/2013 18:55

What the hell else are these wacko’s going to do. I did in fact have a double nipple sparing mast and actually at the end of month I am having color (tattoo) on one of the areola’s because i lost pigment. But JUST TO DO IT. OH DEAR BLESSED GOD.
You know I don’t even no what more to freaking SAY. WTF


17/4/2013 18:25

Seriously?? OUCH!!


17/4/2013 18:23

FINALLY! A new trend I can actually SKIP.


Denver Colorado, United States,
17/4/2013 18:17

And there are people in Boston that would like to have their legs back, please get a grip and some perspective!


Denver CO USA,
17/4/2013 18:16

please show us a sample, i still can’t picture what you are talking about.


Tampa FL,
17/4/2013 18:04

I’ve seen pictures of this process, and it is really cool. Glad to see such advancements.


17/4/2013 18:03



17/4/2013 18:00

‘Oh, if I just had dark brown nipples my life would be complete!’ And thirty people in Boston had their legs blown off.


17/4/2013 17:33

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