The secret to living longer: Avoid the perils of inflaming your body and suffering from premature ageing by snuffing out stress

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High-stress situations can seriously damage our long-term health by inflaming our bodies and causing premature ageing, a new book has revealed.

In The Immunity Solution: Seven Weeks To Living Healthier And Longer, Dr Leo Nissola explores the phenomenon he calls ‘inflammaging’, and uncovers how a modern-day bombardment of chemicals, processed foods, stressful environments and sedentary lifestyles is attacking our immune system from all angles.

In particular, stressful situations cause our bodies to produce the hormone cortisol. Long-term exposure to stress can lead to your body developing high levels of the hormone and ultimately increasing inflammation.

While inflammation is part of the body’s natural defence mechanism, it results in cells being attacked, causing them to age.

Expert tips will help you live a longer, healthier life, free of the classic complaints of old age

Dr Nissola uses the term ‘inflammaging’ (inflammation plus ageing) to describe the process of chronic inflammation that causes our bodies to grow old sooner than they naturally would, as well as making us more susceptible to serious diseases such as cancer.

As little as 30 minutes of anxious thought can weaken your immune response and leave you at the risk of inflammaging – but you can fight back.

In a second exclusive extract on The Mail+, Dr Nissola shares the proven techniques to manage stress by reducing its triggers, unlocking the secrets to strengthening your immune system and reducing inflammation.

His expert tips will help you live a longer, healthier life, free of the classic complaints of old age – and increase your chances of beating disease and general decline.

From the inflammatory foods to swerve in the supermarket, to how to calm stress in a matter of minutes using just the power of your breath – what you read today could change your life forever.

And exclusively on The Mail+, Dr Nissola invites you to try seven tests to assess how healthy you really are. Addressing the results could extend your life by years. 

Follow his steps and these additional years can truly become your best years, full of energy, vigour and zest for life. Click here to read now.