Top AI Tools for Speech to Text (2023)

Intelligent transcription software is one of the most valuable features made possible by AI and ML since it automatically translates audio and video sources into text. This opens up a world of possibilities, including the ability to transcribe podcasts, films, meetings, online courses, and more.

For computers to process, analyze, interpret, and reason about human language, a subfield of AI known as natural language processing (NLP) is required. This subfield is the foundation of AI transcription software and services. Natural language processing (NLP) is an interdisciplinary field that draws on methods from disciplines as diverse as linguistics and computer science. 

AI transcription software and services greatly aid business operations, including product promotion, which also helps bring in new clients. 

Excellent artificial intelligence transcribing tools and services are readily available nowadays. 

Speak AI

Speak is an excellent choice for an AI transcription service since it gives you several options for recording and storing crucial audio and video data. With Speak, you can create your embeddable recorders, record audio and video in-app, and quickly and effortlessly upload content from your device’s storage. In addition to bulk audio/video/text data capturing, Speak also provides the capability to generate dashboard reports. Thanks to this technology, you may trust that crucial details discussed in or recorded for interviews, calls, or videos won’t be lost. The AI system transcends instantaneously and extracts relevant terms, themes, and emotional nuances. Speak also facilitates the sharing of discoveries and the elimination of data silos. Your transcripts, AI analysis, and visualizations can all be found in one convenient location, allowing you to construct comprehensive data repositories and produce unique, shareable material. 


With Trint’s AI transcription, your audio and video files are rapidly transformed into text, which can be edited, searched, and shared like any other document. Quickly transform unstructured data into useful information. One of the service’s strongest features is the speed with which you may transcribe media files or record content in real-time. Select relevant passages from transcripts, then select play to hear the quotes read aloud and your story come to life. Tags, highlights, and comments are all simple to use and facilitate collaboration. Together, you can craft a compelling narrative, which you can easily share with coworkers for approval. With Trint, you can quickly and easily transcribe information in over 30 languages and translate it into over 50 other languages to reach an international audience.

Otter is a top-tier artificial intelligence transcribing service. The software can transcribe spoken conversations and is accessible on desktop, Android, and iOS devices. The business provides a variety of packages, each with its special benefits. One of these functions allows customers to record phone or computer conversations and have them transcribed instantly. The ability to identify and distinguish between speakers is provided by a second. Otter allows for variable playback speeds of audio files and in-app editing and management of transcriptions. Audio and video files can be imported and transcribed, and images and other content can be inserted directly into the transcriptions. The layout is well-thought-out and simple to use, and it features helpful features like a record button, an import button, and a history of recent activities. A valuable lesson is included for newcomers. 


Videos, podcasts, meeting minutes, webinars, interviews, and recorded lectures may all be turned into text with the help of Beey. The cutting-edge subtitling system makes it simple to produce top-notch subtitles and captions. You may instantly reach a wider audience by translating your video into multiple languages with an in-built machine translation tool. Laboratory for Computer Voice Processing developed the automatic voice recognition software. With support for over 20 different languages, the platform is truly global in its reach.


NOVA is a versatile program that can trim, edit, and collide your footage. Include translations and subtitles. Completely web-based; no downloads are required. If you’re looking for a location to learn how to make captions for your videos that people want to watch, you’ve found it. With Nova A.I., you can generate automatic captions for your video with only a few clicks of a button, allowing you to command your audience’s attention more easily. Nova A.I. is built to generate open and closed captions mechanically. Include the captions in the video’s source code, making it impossible for the viewer to disable them. You can also save the subtitles to your computer in various formats, including SRT, VTT, and TXT.

Fireflies, an AI voice assistant facilitating transcription, note-taking, and action during meetings, is another excellent option for AI transcription software. The application lets you invite others to your sessions so you may record and share talks, and it works with any web-conferencing service. Live meetings and audio files can be transcribed with a simple upload. You can listen to the audio while quickly scanning the transcripts. Fireflies’ ability to let you annotate calls with comments or flag specific sections for teammates is one of its strongest features. An hour-long call can be read through in as little as five minutes using the transcripts. You can use the tool to look for certain items or keywords throughout the board. Fireflies also feature an easy-to-use dashboard, a Chrome plugin, and APIs/integrations. 


Sonix, a multilingual automatic transcription service, is among the top AI transcription services. Sonix enables businesses to transcribe, catalog, and search audio and video content. The state-of-the-art software is extremely helpful for companies that need quick and accurate transcription because it can transcribe 30 minutes of video or audio in only three to four minutes. Transcripts can be reviewed and edited in Sonix because sometimes computer-generated transcripts skip words. The online editor included in the software makes it possible to change a transcript in real-time as it is being listened to. Word confidence ratings are also provided, with the least confident terms being highlighted for further study. In addition to these useful tools, the transcript allows you to highlight and strikethrough key passages for subsequent examination. Speaker labeling is one of Sonix’s additional features that makes it simple to identify who said what. Automated diarization is also available, with Soni automatically tagging speakers and breaking conversations into paragraphs.

Regarding artificial intelligence transcribing services, Rev is among the best. Any company can use it to increase their content’s ROI, no matter how big or little. You may expand your customer base and get more exposure for your company by using Rev. Several industry leaders, including Spotify, have adopted Rev. Rev has the most accurate speech recognition engine since it has trained its speech models on more than 5.6 million hours of transcribed data. The software supports up to 31 languages, allowing you to reach customers worldwide. Rev provides myriad services, including both human and machine transcription, as well as closed captioning and subtitles for videos. Users have praised Rev’s user-friendly documentation and thorough API. The simplicity of the procedure has also been praised, with users noting that anyone can use it., which provides an expanding suite of tools to facilitate accessible, compliant meetings and events easily, is the last item on our list. It also speeds up development and output for your business. Verbit provides various types of captioning and transcription services and audio description, translation, and subtitles in real-time. Verbit uses both human and machine labor to get reliable results. The technology is useful for any sector, but the media, schools, and courts see the most immediate benefits. Plans for Corporate Learning, Court Reporting, Education, and Media Production are available among its speech-to-text bundles. Verbit gives you access to cutting-edge AI voice recognition technology, which can greatly facilitate rapid transcription and accurate results. Its AI algorithms build models of acoustic, linguistic, and contextual events based on the characteristics of the input sound. It can pick up on regional variations in speech, filter out irrelevant sounds, and locate phrases associated with breaking news events.

Finally, scribie rounds up our list of top artificial intelligence transcribing software and services with its four-step transcription process and impressive 99% accuracy. In addition to its main features, the tool also provides private access, a web-based editor, and a selection of plugins. SRT/VTT files, rigorous verbatim transcripts, audio time coding, BITC, start/end time, and more are available as add-ons, and the online editor is browser-based, so it’s easy to validate the transcript and make changes quickly. It’s a quick and simple procedure. Before selecting an automated or human-operated service and paying, you must first upload or import any spoken audio/video files. Transcripts can be verified and downloaded directly from the online editor. Oracle, Google, Airbnb, Stripe, and Netflix are just a few of the big names in business and technology that have utilized Scribie. 


Descript is an advanced AI program that can record your screen, transcribe audio, and more. Transcription services from Descript are cheap (pennies per minute) and accurate (best in the business). Speaker Detective, backed by artificial intelligence, can quickly and easily tag new speakers. You can use Descript in 22 languages, and all your data will be safely stored in the cloud with a complete revision history. Your data is accessible from any location by your collaborators. There is no need to provide financial information to activate the free plan. There is a minimum monthly cost of $12 for the paid options. Descript’s White Glove service promises an accuracy rate of up to 99% in 24 hours. When it comes to editing, processes, stories, video editing, security, and more, Descript is an excellent tool.


Voice memos may now be turned into text with the help of EchoFox, an AI-powered transcription service. It provides a transcription helper that works around the clock and transcribes audio communications accurately and quickly so that users may devote their time and energy to the things that are truly important to them. To accurately and promptly transcribe audio messages, EchoFox employs cutting-edge AI technology. Multiple formats of audio files can be used with the software. Up to 98 languages can be transcribed, but English, Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, and Italian are the ones it focuses on the most. Because of EchoFox’s user-friendly interface, users may quickly and easily transmit their voice messages to the program and obtain accurate transcriptions quickly. If you need to transcribe audio in a noisy setting, EchoFox also has cutting-edge noise reduction technologies. It is compatible with many popular messaging services, including Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Telegram, etc.


With the help of AudioPen, users may quickly and easily condense their unorganized voice notes into concise written form. People who prefer to think aloud will find this app invaluable; it will act as a personal assistant, recording and summarizing their thoughts as they go. The application employs sophisticated machine learning algorithms to transform spoken language into printed text efficiently. Users can begin recording their thoughts using AudioPen by signing in with their Google account and then using the microphone. After you’re done recording, AudioPen will analyze the audio file and produce a synopsis of the most important takeaways. The summary algorithm employs natural language processing (NLP) methods to extract the talk’s core concepts and themes. Anyone who needs to take notes fast and precisely will find AudioPen to be an invaluable tool.


Rythmex is a cutting-edge internet tool for transcribing audio and video recordings into text quickly and accurately. It’s a quick and easy way for people and organizations to transcribe spoken language. MP3, XSPF, WMA, WAV, SWF, OGG, and MXF are only some audio formats that Rythmex is compatible with. The upload process is streamlined, and the transcription can be edited in a sophisticated editor. It also has a handy “search & replace” feature for rapidly changing long text passages. Users can acquire up to 30 minutes of free transcription, with.txt or.pdf as the output format. Multiple accounts, enterprise accounts, consolidated billing, and retail access are all available through Rythmex.


Voicetapp is cloud-based software that uses artificial intelligence to transcribe audio and video with up to 100% precision. Podcast transcription, subtitle production, call transcription, and marketing content development are possible applications. Voicetapp’s Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) technology allows it to recognize and translate between more than 170 languages and dialects, identify up to 5 speakers, and accept various audio input formats. The software offers a streamlined interface and can live-transcribe in 12 different languages. Voicetapp’s auto punctuation feature can spot punctuation for you, and the app’s FAQs can answer any questions. With Voicetapp, you may choose from three pricing tiers: 60 minutes, 180 minutes, and 480 minutes. In addition to a free trial, it offers testimonials from satisfied clients.