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Tracy Kiss from Buckinghamshire drinks SPERM smoothies that has increased her shield to a flu


A singular mom has suggested others to feast semen if they wish to equivocate a winter cold.

Tracy Kiss, 29, from Buckinghamshire, says that she has enlisted a assistance of her best crony to supply her with his spermatazoa in sequence to boost her immunity.

Despite being vegan Tracy says she is prepared to use a byproduct in a office of softened health. 

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Vegan Tracy Kiss has suggested that she has enlisted her crony to yield her with unchanging spermatazoa that she adds to her morning smoothies 

The singular mom adds a controversial part to her morning smoothie each day claiming that it has copiousness of health benefits.

The mother-of-two pronounced that when she initial approached her crony her was endangered that she would use his fluids to soak herself though shortly came turn to a idea.

According to The Sun Tracy has now been reaping a advantages observant that she is ‘full of beans’.

She said: ‘I’d been feeling run down and had no energy, though now I’m full of beans and my mood has improved.’ 

Tracy (pictured in one of her YouTube videos) says that a surprising part helps boost her shield and her energy

Tracy (pictured display her friend’s semen to a camera) says that she is also utterly happy to splash a spermatazoa neat 

She adds: ‘It can ambience unequivocally good – depending on what my crony has been eating. My other friends consider I’m strange, though we don’t give a toss.’

Tracy says that she has selected a nothing smoking crony who privileged an STI exam to be on a protected side.

The personal tutor says that she is utterly prepared to splash a semen neat though adds additional mixture if her partner has enjoyed a integrate of pints.

She added: ‘If he’s been celebration ethanol or eaten something quite sharp like asparagus, we ask him to give me a heads adult so we know not to splash it neat.’

She asks her partner to give her a heads adult if he has dipsomaniac ethanol or eaten something sharp so she knows to supplement it to other ingredients 

This is not a initial time that Tracy has introduced a surprising part into her beauty regime.

Tracy certified that she uses her friends semen for a rather impassioned facial on her YouTube channel final year.  

The mom described how pronounced crony  delivers his semen to her in cosmetic pots from a Chinese takeaway, that she afterwards rubs into her skin and leaves to penetrate in for adult to 20 minutes.

She said: ‘I consider people are endangered with a suspicion of putting semen on their face though indeed it’s a really healthy and healthy thing to do.’

The singular mom suffers from a skin condition rosacea, that causes redness and flushing, and says her daily facial has finished wonders for improving her complexion.

‘I know there are no combined chemicals. It’s as healthy and active and live as we could presumably get,’ she explained. 

After describing her skin condition to viewers, she hold adult a tiny pot containing a spermatazoa donated by her friend.

She stressed that she’s ‘not involved’ in a donation, and that it’s a outcome of something her crony would be doing on a daily basement anyway.

But she reminds viewers who are in relations that they can call on their partners for help. 

Tracy afterwards dips her fingers into a pot and wipes a piece onto her cheeks.

She describes a prodigy it gives as ‘cooling and soothing’ and likens it to eating minty nipping gum.

‘I would put it in comparison to when we have nipping resin in your mouth and we breathe in, it’s a cold, cooling, lovely feeling,’ she said. ‘It usually sucks into a skin. It’s positively beautiful.’

Tracy explains that she doesn’t mind a smell, and says that if a donor cooking a healthy, offset diet a spermatazoa will have a fresher odour.

But she advises anyone who wants to try it to bake some scent or keep a diffuser circuitously if they are squeamish.

Tracy leaves a piece on her face for between 5 and 20 mins before wiping it off and soaking her face with comfortable water.

‘It feels so silken to clean it off. It feels like carrying a kind of oil on a face,’ she explained. ‘It usually glides beautifully.

‘The condition of a skin feels so most softened already.’ 

Tracy formerly suggested that she uses a spermatazoa in her beauty slight rubbing it on her skin to act as a facial 

Tracy leaves a piece on her face for between 5 and 20 mins before wiping it off and soaking her face with comfortable water.

The former glorious model’s video has had several hundred views given being posted online yesterday, though Tracy has already created about a procession on her website.

She pronounced a suspicion came about during a review about healthy remedies with her beauty therapist.

‘The subject of semen facials came up,’ she said. ‘And we began researching a use of semen as a facial ingredient.

‘I found that many experts had reliable a benefits.

‘Semen builds babies, they come out really soothing and have pleasing skin, and it leaves my skin good and soothing so I’m really happy to use this as a facial.’

Bizarre as it seems, there might be something in Tracy’s speculation that spermatazoa has softened her skin.

Semen contains proteolytic enzymes, that are designed to disintegrate proteins.

When practical to a skin on a unchanging basis, these enzymes might assistance to mangle down passed layers and leave a skin feeling smoother.

It also contains zinc, magnesium, calcium, potassium and fructose, that could uphold a skin, nonetheless they are usually benefaction in really tiny amounts.