Transgender People Open Up About The Impact Of HIV On The Trans Community

An incredible new video series is brining together people across the spectrum of transgender identity for a candid conversation about HIV and the impact it has on the trans community.

The series videos, called “Empowered Trans,” features different conversations about the experience of being HIV-positive and trans, ranging from moments of diagnosis to discrimination and stigma to the process of navigating healthcare providers.

“The reality is that trans women are highly affected by this issue – both in our personal lives, but also as a broader community,” Bre Campbell, a Greater Than AIDS Ambassador, told The Huffington Post. “While I’ve faced discrimination, the reality is that I’m living a good life. What I want other trans women to understand is that you can live a happy, healthy life with HIV.”

Check videos from the “Empowered Trans” series above and below or head here to see more.