Why did Jovan Belcher dedicate murder-suicide?

As many of America knows, Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Jovan Belcher killed his 22-year-old partner Kasandra Perkins Saturday and later—at Arrowhead Stadium—killed himself with a gunshot to a head.

While it might be unfit to know what was eventually many obliged for Belcher’s death, 4 theories have been presented, and any one requires distant some-more poignant examination.

1) Belcher, 25, was a controlling, entitled and aroused male who emotionally abused women, during slightest as early as 2006, when he punched out a university window, scarcely disjunction his ride and nutritious wrist lacerations, since a lady had dissapoint him.  

He was also concerned in a cheering compare in a university dorm since a lady had not called him when she betrothed she would.  It is rumored that Belcher’s quarrel with his partner began when she returned home late from a party.

2) Belcher had mind repairs from steady conduct mishap postulated as a football player.

3) Belcher was regulating opening enhancing drugs or other drugs of abuse, maybe including anabolic steroids, that are obvious to means changes in tension and behavior, including irritability, impulsivity and even psychosis.

4) Belcher was pang from another mental illness, like vital depression, or bipolar disorder, that (by no means in a infancy of cases) can lead to psychosis and, in (in even fewer cases) to violence.

I listed Belcher’s probable celebrity issues first, quite as they describe to aroused function toward women, since many group have not had confidence called on them twice in disputes with females.  The fact that Belcher did is intensely poignant and suggests that any full bargain of Saturday’s events would need looking during Belcher’s early relations in life, to establish since complacency or a enterprise for unusual control over females took hold.

The second probable means for Belcher’s murder-suicide—repeated sealed conduct trauma—can positively means celebrity changes and impulsivity.  

If Belcher used steroids, those can positively means even weird episodes of violence, infrequently fueled by paranoid delusions.

Know for certain that unexamined and untreated mental illness has been concerned in many inhabitant tragedies, including a Aurora, Colo., film cinema sharpened committed by James Holmes.

It might also be that box that interplay between any or all of a 4 intensity causes above is to blame. Belcher might have been compliant by early life events to act determining and entitled, to have been done some-more guileless by steady conduct trauma, to have had his impulsivity increasing and receptive suspicion decreased by steroids and to be battling a mood disorder—all during a same time.

Still, those dual incidents in 2006 and 2007, creates his opinion toward and function with, women many suspect. 

Millions of American boys play football and hockey.  Sadly, millions abuse steroids.  Millions humour mood disorders and crazy disorders.  But, distant fewer have had a authorities called out to control them since they were distracted during women and busting things adult over it.

The Jovan Belcher poser might be as elementary as that.

Dr. Keith Ablow is a psychiatrist and member of a Fox News Medical A-Team. Dr. Ablow can be reached during [email protected].

Source: Health Medicine Network