Why women benefit weight after menopause

Many women find they container on a pounds some-more simply than group do as they get older, and a new investigate on mice competence assistance explain why.

After menopause, a activity of a sold enzyme concerned in fat prolongation —called Aldh1a1 — increases, a researchers said.

The enzyme is found in mice as good as people. During a study, womanlike mice that ate a high-fat diet had some-more Aldh1a1 activity and done and stored more visceral fat (fat around a abdomen) than did masculine mice who ate a high-fat diet.

By contrast, womanlike mice remained gaunt on a high-fat diet if they had been genetically engineered to miss a enzyme.

The womanlike hormone estrogen appears to conceal Aldh1a1 activity. This competence meant that younger women, who have high levels of estrogen, are stable opposite a enzyme’s unattractive effects. But after menopause, levels of estrogen decrease, causing Aldh1a1 activity to boost and creation females exposed to weight gain.

By targeting Aldh1a1, researchers competence be means to rise an obesity treatment specifically for women, pronounced investigate researcher Ouliana Ziouzenkova, an partner highbrow of tellurian nourishment during Ohio State University.

However, such a diagnosis is doubtful in a nearby future. Because a investigate was conducted regulating mice, researchers initial would have to uncover that a commentary request to people as well. Also, Aldh1a1 is critical for other functions in a physique besides fat formation, so researchers would not be means to emanate a therapy that eliminates a enzyme completely, Ziouzenkova said.

The investigate is published in a Jan emanate of a biography Diabetes..

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