Why you should Focus on short term to achieve Long-Term Health Goals

Focus on Right Now, Not the Distant Future, to Stay Motivated and on Track to Your Long-Term Health Goals

When it comes to achieving long-term health goals, many people tend to focus on the distant future. They set lofty goals and envision themselves as a completely transformed individual years down the line. While having a long-term vision is important, researchers suggest that focusing on the present moment is key to staying motivated and on track.

The Power of the Present Moment

According to a study conducted by the University of California, San Francisco, individuals who focused on the present moment and made small, incremental changes to their daily routines were more likely to achieve their long-term health goals compared to those who solely focused on the end result.

By shifting your mindset to the present, you can break down your long-term goals into manageable steps that you can take right now. This approach allows you to stay motivated and maintain a sense of accomplishment as you make progress towards your ultimate objective.

Setting Realistic Short-Term Goals

Instead of fixating on a distant future, researchers recommend setting realistic short-term goals that align with your long-term vision. These short-term goals act as stepping stones towards your ultimate objective and provide a sense of direction and purpose.

For example, if your long-term goal is to lose 50 pounds, focus on setting achievable weekly or monthly weight loss targets. Celebrate each milestone you reach, whether it’s losing 5 pounds or consistently exercising for a certain number of days per week. By focusing on these smaller goals, you’ll stay motivated and build momentum towards your long-term health goals.

Tracking Progress and Celebrating Achievements

Tracking your progress is crucial for staying motivated and on track. Researchers suggest using a journal or a mobile app to record your daily activities, such as exercise, nutrition, and mental well-being. This allows you to visually see your progress and identify areas where you may need to make adjustments.

Additionally, celebrating your achievements along the way is essential for maintaining motivation. Treat yourself to a small reward when you reach a milestone or accomplish a short-term goal. This positive reinforcement will help you stay focused and committed to your long-term health goals.

Embracing the Journey

While it’s important to have a long-term vision, it’s equally important to embrace the journey towards your health goals. Researchers emphasize the significance of enjoying the process and finding joy in the small victories along the way.

Remember that achieving long-term health goals is not a linear path. There will be ups and downs, setbacks and breakthroughs. By focusing on the present moment and appreciating the progress you make each day, you’ll stay motivated and maintain a positive mindset throughout your health journey.


Researchers suggest that focusing on the present moment, setting realistic short-term goals, tracking progress, and celebrating achievements are key strategies for staying motivated and on track to your long-term health goals. By shifting your mindset and embracing the journey, you’ll be more likely to achieve lasting success in your pursuit of a healthier lifestyle.