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5 data security challenges enterprises face today


5. Invasive data technologies

Another factor contributing to organizations’ exploding data footprints is the emergence of increasingly invasive new business technologies. Immersive, personalized virtual reality experiences, for example, require the collection of excessive amounts of personal data from the end user. Knowledge is power, and from a business perspective, that level of information gives enterprises huge advantages in predicting and manipulating customer behavior. From a data privacy and security perspective, however, the implications are troubling. And the regulatory framework, while it does put some bounds on such activity, lags behind new technologies such as the metaverse and the cybersecurity challenges they bring.

As a CISO, make sure the organization treats customer data it collects in emerging environments with caution and care. At a minimum, end users should have access to transparent data privacy disclosure statements that the typical human would understand. Beyond that, take a leaf from existing environments, such as cloud and IoT, and work with business leaders to create a framework for data governance.


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