5 Things To Remember When Setting Your 2017 Goals

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As the New Year approaches, many of you will be thinking about setting goals for 2017, both business and personal goals; I know that I will. It’s a ritual that many of us go through, only to see our enthusiasm die after the first few weeks of the new year and for those goals to be abandoned.

Here are five things to think about when setting your goals which may help you to stick with them throughout the year and achieve success.

Be Bold

First and foremost be bold in your goal setting. It’s bold goals that inspire and excite us, and that will hold our attention longer. That doesn’t mean impossible, it just means aim high stretch yourself, aim to push yourself out of your comfort zone and towards your full potential.

Don’t Worry If You Have Never Done It Before

Just because the goal you set is something that you have not done before, or is something that’s outside of your experience don’t let that hold you back. We are all capable of more than we think, we have many talents that we can nurture and build into something impressive.

Remember Debbie Reynolds had never danced before she stared in Singing in the Rain. After just three months of intensive training, she could dance well enough to perform alongside Gene Kelly and Donald O’Connor and not look out of place.

Find a Role Model

If your goal is something you have never done before, then look for a role model, someone that can give you belief that that the goal is possible. When I decided to run my first marathon at the age of 52, I was inspired by Fauja Singh who ran the London Marathon at the age of 100, which confirmed to me that it was doable.

Create a Plan Where You Look To Achieve Some Progress Every Day

We don’t have to eat the elephant all in one go, there are 365 days in 2017, and a little bit of progress each and every day can add, up over time, to an amazing amazing result.

Just 0.3% progress each day will have you achieving your goal by mid-November!

Track Your Performance And Celebrate The Small Success

Create a plan of the success milestone you will achieve along the way, and every time you achieve one take the time to celebrate it. Keeping track of progress will help motivate you as you see yourself moving towards your goal and the celebration will encourage you to keep going.

We are all capable of so much more than we believe, we just need to be bold, decide to try, find a role model, make small progress daily and reward ourselves for the progress we make and this will not only encourage to keep going but will also help us to achieve the goal.

This approach works just as well as for business goals as it does with personal goals.