Taking into consideration the roles T Koshy has played in key national-level transformation projects in India like the Depository, Central Record Keeping Agency for Pension, UIDAI, Co-WIN, etc., he has been selected to lead the team establishing Open Network for Digital Commerce (ONDC) which is an initiative supported As in the case of the previous projects he led, he internalizes the cause that the organization has envisioned and enlists the support of his team to give their best to an idea that is bigger than themselves. As a result, his leadership style has taken on a more transformational role, where the team is encouraged to come up with a portfolio of creative solutions, test them out, proceed with what works and discard what doesn’t. “In this way, we mitigate process inertia and also share credit for our successes,” he shares.

ONDC is supported He also is supported Fact File

  • Age: 60
  • Year of joining the current organization: 2021
  • Total team size: 40-50

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