Innovation through Intelligence – Call for case studies

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by Peter Cook

Calling Intelligent Enterprises

I’m proud to say that I’ve been commissioned to write a new book for Routledge with the working title “Brain Based Enterprises” for 2017 following my 7th piece of work, “Leading, Innovation, Creativity and Enterprise” for Bloomsbury. I’m looking for businesses and organisations who wish to participate via case studies or mini cameos with attendant PR benefits for those enterprises and individuals that contribute.

In 2030 it is estimated that man, woman, and machine will have reached a point of convergence. The implications of a world in which much of what we call work will be handed over to machines will be wide-ranging. I am looking for insights via case studies or cameo inputs from businesses and individual leaders who wish to feature in the book. In particular, you may be interested to participate if you would like to explore some of the following questions:

  1. How shall we organise our business strategy and practice where man and machine will have interchangeable and complementary functions?
  2. How is your enterprise profiting from artificial intelligence, machine learning and automation?  How is it adjusting the world of work to make the best of man / woman and machine?
  3. How will we re-organise organisations to make best use of collective cybernetic and human intelligence?
  4. How will innovation work in an artificially intelligent business world?
  5. What will intelligence actually mean in a world where we are drowning in data? Instead, how shall we swim with information?
  6. How may we become more intelligent, individually, collectively and corporately?
  7. How will education and learning need to change in order to continue to be relevant and effective?
  8. What role can leaders and managers play in stimulating an enterprise’s collective synapses?  How can they engender climates and cultures where ideas, intelligence, and insight are the currency of success?
  9. What practical strategies are you employing to make the most of human – machine interaction?
  10. What obstacles exist to man – machine convergence in your business environment? How are these bring addressed?

An enterprise where individual and collective intelligence are the heart of sustainable competitive and collaborative advantage (SCCA)

An enterprise where individual and collective intelligence are the heart of sustainable competitive and collaborative advantage (SCCA)

Brain Based Enterprises will offer a unique synthesis of cutting edge academic research and pragmatic insights into business practices in the art and discipline of leading and managing enterprises where ideas, intelligence, and insight are the currencies of Sustainable Collaborative and Competitive Advantage (SCCA). From the first signs of intelligence through making axes and fire, we now have access to unprecedented powers of creation through the convergence of humanity and technology. Rapid and dramatic advances in our understanding of genomics, biotechnology, computing, and robotics make it possible for us to create a better world or destroy what we have created. Brain Based Enterprises explores both sides of the equation to help people choose wisely in a disruptive business world.

We already have offers of contributions from a robotics enterprise, Arthur Andersen, the world’s oldest management consultancy, University College London and Imperial College London. We expect to take contributions from pharmaceuticals, banking, technology companies, engineering and aerospace amongst other sectors who trade in the knowledge economy.

The material for the book must be gathered by March 31 2017.  Transcripts will be submitted for final approval by April 30, 2017. I’m happy to communicate via a visit to your business to gather insights directly, via interview by Email [email protected], phone or Skype.

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peter-cook-_ux250_Peter Cook leads Human Dynamics and The Academy of Rock, providing Keynotes, Organisational Development and Coaching. He is the author of seven books on business leadership. His three passions are science, business and music, having led innovation teams for 18 years to develop life-saving drugs including the first treatments for AIDS and the development of Human Insulin. Peter is Music and Business editor at Innovation Excellence. You can follow him on twitter @Academyofrock.