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operation (computing)


What is the arithmetic logic unit?

When the computer system receives the binary data, it stores it in memory, where it can be accessed One of the CPU’s most important components is the ALU, which carries out the system’s processing operations. The ALU performs arithmetic and logic operations on the operands based on the inputted instructions, which specify each step required to make the software do something.

The ALU performs arithmetic operations such as add, subtract, multiply, divide, increment and decrement. It can also perform logic operations such as AND, OR and Exclusive-OR. Logic operations rely on Boolean operators, which work with true/false values. The logic operations also use relational operators to perform comparisons. These include operators such as equal (=), less than () and greater than ().

The ALU usually has direct input and output access to the process controller, main memory or RAM, and input and output devices. Inputs and outputs flow through the system bus. The input consists of an instruction word that contains an operation code, one or more operands, and sometimes a format code.


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