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The Power of the Journey Map


Disclaimer: If you are a designer and don’t like or approve of the use of journey maps, do me a favor and stop reading. Thank you and good day!

Have you ever been a customer? Have you ever had an amazing experience? I’m talking about an experience where you felt everything was planned out to perfection? If so, one of many tools may have been involved in creating your experience –today we discuss Journey Maps.

Journey Maps are a way of looking at what happens when we are interacting with our customer(s) (touchpoint is the technical term). It’s not about process – although most organizations build their processes and realize that an actual customer maybe should have been consulted. Journey Maps focus on key interaction opportunities you have with your customer. To create a simple journey map, do the following:

#1 Identify the Touchpoint – what action is being taken #2 Describe the Interaction – is it online, with a specific person/role, frequency, etc.

#3 Ask your customers or gather data on what works (gain points) and doesn’t work (pain points)

#4 Identify opportunities to make the experience memorable (using customer feedback and data)

#5 Create a big-a$$ picture of all of the touchpoints

#6 Based on what you will measure for customer success, determine which touch point(s) to re-imagine and co-create those opportunities with your customers to provide greater gain or relieve pain.

#7 How do you measure the experience as part of this touchpoint i.e. Customer Engagement Score, Customer Sat, NPS, etc.?

Confused? Use the template below as a 1st step and use both quantitative (survey data, Customer Sat Scores, NPS, etc.) and qualitative data (talk to your customers). One way to learn how to do this is to think about the last time you bought something over $500 dollars and fill in the template below that represented your own experience!


 And, if you need a free 30-minute consult on Journey Mapping. Reach out and we’ll share our insights with you!


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