LOOK: The Fastest Way To Restore Inner Balance

The stress and strain of constantly being connected can sometimes take your life — and your well-being — off course. GPS For The Soul can help you find your way back to balance.

GPS Guides are our way of showing you what has relieved others’ stress in the hopes that you will be able to identify solutions that work for you. We all have de-stressing “secret weapons” that we pull out in times of tension or anxiety, whether they be photos that relax us or make us smile, songs that bring us back to our heart, quotes or poems that create a feeling of harmony, or meditative exercises that help us find a sense of silence and calm. We encourage you to look at the GPS Guide below, visit our other GPS Guides here, and share with us your own personal tips for finding peace, balance and tranquility.

Fitness adviser Lani Muelrath shares the quickest ways to restore balance in her GPS Guide below.

I like to go through the body for the fastest resurrection ever: A walk or other physical challenge, breathing, listening to restorative music, watching the sensations in my body as meditation — even laughter is physical and works! These are my go-to avenues to center myself and restore equanimity. They are all proven ways to affect brain activity.

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Lani Muelrath, MA, — The Plant-Based Fitness Expert — specializes in helping people who struggle with health, weight and energy levels transform their bodies – and their lives – without going hungry or grueling, excessive exercise by embracing the three pillars: exercise, healthy plant-based diet, and mastery of mindset. She is the author of the best-selling book Fit Quickies: 5 Minute Targeted Body Shaping Workouts and creator of The Plant-Based Blueprint. Lani is presenter and celebrity coach for the PCRM 21-Day Kickstart and VegRun Programs and is the Fitness Adviser for the Dr. John McDougall Health and Medical Center Discussion Boards. She presents regularly for the Complete Health Improvement Project,and is the Health and Fitness expert forVegan Mainstream and VegWorld Magazine, and is Plant-Based Fitness and Healthy Living Examiner for Examiner.com.

Guest Lecturer in Kinesiology at San Francisco State University Associate Professor at Butte College, Lani has a Master’s degree and several teaching credentials in Physical Education, and holds multiple fitness certifications including Fitness Instructor from the American Council on Exercise, Yoga, and Pilates-based instruction from the PhysicalMind Institute. She is certified in Plant-Based Nutrition through Cornell University and holds a Fitness Nutrition Specialist Advanced Credential from the National Academy of Sports Medicine.

Lani created and starred in her own CBS TV show, “Lani’s All-Heart Aerobics.” Recipient of the Golden Apple Award for Excellence in Instruction, she regularly speaks and writes about healthy living, plant-based nutrition, and fitness on her blog at www.lanimuelrath.com. She overcame her own lifetime struggle with weight over more than 15 years ago when she lost 50 pounds, which she has maintained easily with the tools that she uses to coach others to be successful with in weight loss, body shaping, and health. Multiple resources for you for healthy fitness at www.lanimuelrath.com.

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